Letters to the Editor

I’m really looking forward to reading about my hometown again. I’m headed to Cape Cod for vacation for a couple weeks. But, I’ll drop you a line and tell you about my “Conshy” history. Just a small tidbit.

I’m one of ten Mascio children from Spring Mill Ave. My father was William Mascio. Long time
councilman and Mayor of Conshohocken. Most of my family still resides in the area. I used to own
Mascio’s Pharmacies at 6th And Fayette and also 11th and Colwell.

This is in reference to the letter to the editor in the August edition. There are several ways to drive into Conshohocken without driving by a Wawa. I enjoy your paper. I grew up in Conshohocken and until 2009 worked there.
M Shaw

Last month’s Letter to the Editor – “Wawa Redux” – was submitted by Anthony J. DeFazio of
Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance. We neglected to add this information and for that we are sorry.